Boarding Checklist

Please remember to bring with you...

  • Your cats current vaccination certificate.
Please check it is up to date before your cat is due to stay as we cannot accept any cat that arrives at the cattery without a valid one.
  • Any prescription foods
( if applicable )

  • Any medications
(these should be clearly labelled with your cats name and full administration instructions) 

  • Flea Treatment:
Please ensure that your cat has had the relevant flea treatment within the past 4 weeks prior to them arriving at the cattery (even if they are house cats), any cat found to have fleas will be treated and the owner charged accordingly. Supermarket bought flea treatments ie Bob Martin products and flea collars are not acceptable means of treating your cat as they are ineffective! If you use Frontline plus flea treatment please be sure to check your cat thoroughly before bringing them into the cattery as that particular brand of treatment has not always been effective. 

To help your cat settle in we recommend you bring something with a smell of home on it, either a favourite blanket or a few toys.

Your cat must arrive in a secure carrier.